Mar­rakech Art Fair Dates:  Sep­tem­ber 30 – Oct 3, 2011

For its sec­ond edi­tion, the mod­ern and con­tem­po­rary fair Mar­rakech Art Fair is back at the Palace Es Saadi from Sep­tem­ber 30th to Octo­ber 3rd 2011, with 45 inter­na­tional gal­leries exhibit­ing their major artists. About 20 addi­tional gal­leries join the Mar­rakech Art Fair 2010 exhibitors.

Besides the impor­tant rep­re­sen­ta­tion of the Turk­ish con­tem­po­rary scene, and for the very first time, 6 gal­leries from Istan­bul par­tic­i­pat­ing to an inter­na­tional art fair out­side Istan­bul (CDA Projects, PI Art­works, Empire Project, CAM Gallery, PG Art Gallery, and Merkur), Mar­rakech Art Fair also wel­comes two major actors of the New-Yorker scene: Metro Pic­tures and Edwynn Houk Gallery.

Another front rank gallery has just announced its par­tic­i­pa­tion to the fair: Gal­le­ria Con­tinua, which is estab­lished in San Gimignano (Italy), Bei­jing (China) and Le Moulin (France). All these renowned gal­leries rein­force the inter­na­tional dimen­sion of Mar­rakech Art Fair.

The North African scene (Morocco and Tunisia) and the one of the Mid­dle East are rep­re­sented by 13 gal­leries. FJ gallery, L’Artothèque and Sous Sol Art Gallery came to join the Moroc­can gal­leries as L’Atelier 21, David Bloch gallery, Loft Art Gallery, Matisse Art Gallery, Galerie Shart, and also Venise Cadre-GVCC as well as two Tunisian gal­leries: Le Vio­lon Bleu and El Marsa.

By their side, a gallery from Dubai, Art Space, and Athr Gallery, com­ing from Saudi Ara­bia, are join­ing the gallery IVDE (Dubai) among the exhibitors of Mar­rakech Art Fair.

Among the French gal­leries, Albert Ben­amou, Aline Vidal, Daniela Da Prato Gallery, Galerie Dix9, Galerie Jean Fournier and Bes­se­iche Lar­tigue have decided to be part of this sec­ond edi­tion too, such as Galerie Lelong, which will show­case a mon­u­men­tal work of Jaume Plensa pro­duced on the occa­sion of Mar­rakech Art Fair.

Mar­rakech Art Fair also wel­comes a new­comer from Rus­sia, Aidan Gallery, and another one from Italy, Voice Gallery.

They join the French and Euro­pean gal­leries which took part in Mar­rakech Art Fair 2010: JGM. Galerie, Magnin-A, Jean Brolly, Galerie Di Meo, Galerie Dominique Fiat, Galerie Rive Gauche/Marcel Strouk, Galerie Marie Vitoux com­ing from France, and Pirami­don Cen­tre d’art con­tem­po­rain, from Spain.

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