NY Arts Mag­a­zine and The Broad­way Gallery NYC are pleased to announce

The United States Artists Bien­nial
At the Broad­way Gallery NYC

Sep­tem­ber 16‐30, with an open­ing recep­tion: Sat­ur­day, Sep­tem­ber 25, 2010, 3 ‐ 6pm

The United States Artists Bien­nial is a group exhi­bi­tion project that reunites the U.S par­tic­i­pants from the Flo­rence Bien­nial. The United States Bien­nial gath­ers together 50 artists whose work has been shown nation­ally, and inter­na­tion­ally. Cre­at­ing new global per­spec­tives with their art, each artist will spot­light their work in the epi­cen­ter of the art world: New York City.

The salon-style exhi­bi­tion will fea­tures 50 artists from all over the world, now based in the United States in a unique and dynamic visual dialogue.

Fea­tur­ing Cecilia Del Toro, Bron­wyn M. Towle, Flavia D’ Ascoli, Jake Beck­man, Jane Ellen Mur­ray, Paloma Bernaldo De Quiros, Ros­alyn Engel­man, Corinne Whitaker, Jackie Bren­ner, Shawn Man Roland, Emilia Gar­cia, Debra van Tuinen, Donna But­nik, Teri Stark­weather, Ann Gores, Kimiko Fujimura, Yelena Aron­son, Robert May, Kim­berly How­land, Daniele Marin, Adri­enne Yorinks, Richard Bai­ley, Lyubov Muravyeva, Nicholas Her­nan­dez, Gulay Berry­man, Irene Neal, Pavel Tay­ber, Kim­berly Berg, Al Wildey, Seda Bagh­dasari, Ana Bikic, Elisha Ben Yitzhak, Katrin Alvarez, Roman Janeczko, Ronna S. Har­ris, Sheryl West­e­green, Gazala Chin­walla, Nancy Gray, Ali­cia Tor­res, Rachel Sim­mons, C. Drum­mond, K-Soul, Mar­i­lynn Got­tlieb, Angela Hague, Patri­cia Secco, Eduardo Chirino Said, and Ben­jamin Boland.

From Sep­tem­ber 16‐30 The United States Artists Bien­nial will be on dis­play at Broad­way Gallery, in con­junc­tion with sev­eral Inter­net projects, and a print cat­a­log. The exhibit will offer writ­ers and view­ers the chance to sub­mit essays and com­ments on the nature and sig­nif­i­cance of bien­ni­als, fairs and pub­lic expo­sure for new and emerg­ing artists. Fea­tur­ing over 50 artists with new and old works, of all medi­ums, The United States Artists Bien­nial offers a plat­form for artists, cura­tors, gal­lerists as well as writ­ers to voice their ideas on the con­tem­po­rary art world.