William Forsythe’s ‘Choreographic Objects’ at MFAH
William Forsythe’s ‘Choreographic Objects’ at MFAH

‘William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects’ is the sixth consecutive exhibition in the MFAH’s summer series of immersive art installations, and is on view from May 23 to September 15, 2019.

Source: Museum of Fine Arts Houston

This summer, William Forsythe: Choreographic Objects transforms the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston’s Cullinan Hall, and adjacent galleries into a series of performative spaces welcoming visitors of all ages. Ranging in scale from a monumental, immersive installation to a single object meant to be held in the hand, the works in the exhibition bring together a focused selection of Forsythe’s renowned Choreographic Objects, works conceived to reveal the ways in which we consciously and unconsciously move through space and time, interact with one another, and respond to both the potential and the limits of our own bodies.

Internationally acclaimed as one of the foremost choreographers of our time, Forsythe first began his ongoing series of Choreographic Objects in 1991. Blurring the lines between performance, sculpture, video, and installation, Choreographic Objects invites the viewer to connect to the organizing principles of choreography. Forsythe has explained: “Choreography and dance are two different things… Choreography is a way to get things in motion, and artists are always trying to get people to move their minds in new directions.”

“William Forsythe creates experiences that are immediate and fresh,” said Gary Tinterow, director of the MFAH. “William Forsythe has made vivid the ways in which we navigate the built and natural environments which surround us,” said Alison de Lima Greene, the Isabel Brown Wilson curator of modern and contemporary art at the MFAH